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Our company is a team!
We are working hard to deliver innovative, higher quality  and tastier products in the Latvian market.
At the moment we produce more than 150 different products.
- The delicious cooked sausages are prepared from fresh, cooled, specially selected pork with added natural spices
- Fine frankfurters and sausages that are ready for use and do not require cooking , but if there is a desire to enjoy the warm products, they can be boiled, fried and reheat in the microwave.  All frankfurters and sausages are fragrant, juicy and with a pleasant taste.
- Unbeatable delicious half-smoked sausages are great addition to the festival, as well as to everyday meal.
- Popular barbecue sausages are available with all the possible range of tastes. They are filled in high-quality skin casings, which guarantee that the casing during cooking process won’t break. The product is ready for use, but in order to enjoy the full flavor of the special Barbecue sausages cook 2-5 minutes on the grill.
- Speck with various tastes, able to satisfy any gourmet tastes and preferences.
We aren’t stoping at  already reached. We are working independently developing new products. Offer is changing, evolving and growing and we are are growing with it. Stable quality, healthy product, pleasant aftertaste sensations , perfect design - is our team motto . We can thank our creative team that is full of ideas , pleasant and energetic people !
We are proud of the fact that in manufacture we are using the latest technologys, most qualified professionals and high quality raw materials.